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7/30/2021 - Adding the Android page

Android is a somewhat complex game made by Fantasy Flight Games. It was described as "4 games in one, each of them almost fun" when given to me. And these are my notes from attempting to understand it.


7/20/2021 - Connecting some dots in the bullet shortage.

Looking into product shortages and their causes in different industries, to better understand the world, brings up the recent bullet shortage.

Part of it is nothing new - there's a surge of sales during liberal presidencies. This is a known and expected situation for gun sellers. And prepping is hoarding - some gun owners have several 500-round cases stored. And some will buy 15,000 rounds in one purchase. But they might use 100-500 rounds on a weekend for fun, or 1000 a day while preparing for a competition.

Part of it is odd - Bullets are somewhat simple, and some shooters press their own, even reloading old shells. The ingredients are easy to make and get - except primers. The bullet shortage is really a primer shortage.

Primers are hit by the firing pin, and ignite the explosive inside. They contain an extremely small amount of an extremely dangerous explosive, held together by shellac. And they're all still made by hand.

And Remington used to be a major supplier. They were owned by Cerberus (who also own Burger King, that's their deal, owning random businesses) when Sandy Hook happened. And then a lot of their shareholders pushed to sell Remington, which they did by loading Remington up with debt. The old Leveraged Buyout, driven here by the tragedy, and not market whims, but the outcome was the same: Remington went bankrupt in March 2018.

Remington's branches got snatched by various others. Vista Outdoor got their ammo branch, and are arguably causing the primer shortage. Rumor goes that they are doing it for fun and profit.

Ironically, some blame Trump for "stifling industry profits" at this key time, as Remington might have barely been able to survive if propped up by the tide-like surge during a Democratic administration.

And so industry inaction about gun regulation is actually impacting the supply of industry products.