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Android by Fantasy Flight Games

In Android, players take the role of a troubled detective, willing to do almost anything - undercut another detective, plant evidence to create a murder case they can solve, even creating a conspiracy out of circumstance and paranoia - to cover up and deal with the personal demons that haunt them.

The Game Round

Android is played across 13 rounds, or Days, each consisting of Daytime and End of Day phases. The last 2 phases are the "Climax", and always come too soon. Players are guided by Hunches in planting evidence and creating conspiracies, while at the mercy of Plots and Events larger than they can control.


Players receive a certain amount of Time, which they can use in a number of ways:

End of day

Special Events

A new event is resolved almost every day:

First week
11stThe gods rest, nothing happens
22ndGeneral Event Drawn
33rdPlot Resolves
44thGeneral Event Drawn
55thGeneral Event Drawn
66thPlot Resolves
Second week
71stSpecific Event Revealed
82ndGeneral Event Drawn
93rdPlot Resolves
104thGeneral Event Drawn
115thGeneral Event Drawn
126thPlot Resolves
136th(Climax) Case Closes

Daytime - Your turn

Daytime - Other players' turns:

End of day:

General Events, Specific Events, and Plots - Draw the top card and resolve, according to the calendar.

Closing the Case

Other stuff