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9/18/2021 - Recessions

Looking at some past and future recessions, there seems to be some predictable timing:

* 2014 was a soft recession.

Note that this is with incomplete data and should be expanded upon for a more accurate perspective.

9/15/2021 - A common Gillogism

Button Panic - When you've been operating a game or device for a while, and suddenly you forget which buttons perform which actions. This is not uncommon while under the influence of cannabis - indeed it's one of the joys of its use. Just don't drive or operate heavy machinery without additional training.

9/14/2021 - Back in my day

The future used to be so full of hope and magic and joy. These days, it's the FU-ture.

Contact me if you want to buy one. If I get enough demand I'll set up a shop.

9/11/2021 - Ego facti mortis, Pestifer Mundi, et in Arcadia ego

We are the electromagnetic force, suspended between saline packets of lipid polymer foam, self-replicating in thermal equilibrium, infused with calcium-phosporus crystals - floating along geodesics in 4d spacetime near large gravity masses - navigating a sociopolitical maze of ever-increasing complexity - just trying to get along.

Things must end to make room for new things to begin. Good things ending is the price we must pay for bad things also ending.

9/10/2021 - 5000 history entries!

Working through the backlog of links collected over the first 5 years of this project, and just crossed 5k entries. Somehow, having this in website form makes updates so much easier than when it was just a text file. Or maybe it's the self-validation from putting it all together. Either way, the History Mega List will soon glow with vibrant details. It's a puzzle where the pieces are scattered across time and space, and only by building a mystery can we learn who started the fire.

9/3/2021 - Moar updates!!1!

Updated background and links to to "RK Purple" after realizing the site colors are nearly an Ace flag, and I don't understand romance the way that some people don't understand math. But I think the shade of purple used on the Ace flag is no good, and I like this shade much more.

Title and menu are much bigger and mobile friendly.

9/1/2021 - Site updates.

Moving past Bootstrap for a CSS-only menu. Then, to be slick, used our old friend Viewport Units to scale menu elements, margins, and text with the window size. Finally, some bug-fixing to learn about and replace the collapsed border that makes tables look so clean.

Also put the site header in small caps, which looks more industrial.

Cleaned up the blog - check out July and August in the archive!